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Reporting error message for Standard user

When any user other than an administrator attempts to run a custom report the following error message appears.

"Report Obsolete

This report can no longer be edited or run. Your administrator has disabled all reports for the custom object, or its relationships have changed."

While logged in as the system adminstrator i am able to run the report, but when i log in as a Standard user and try to run the same custom report i get the message above.

Is there anyway to allow the Standard user permission to run custom reports?

Ron HessRon Hess

The custom object which you are reporting on may be "In Development" and so will not be visible to anyone other than an Admin.

go to "Customforce" -> Custom Objects  and look for the column Deployed, make sure this is checked, or edit the object and check this checkbox.

you may still have perms problems if this object is not readable by the profile of the user.

And to fix that last part go to the person's Profile click Edit> search for the object under Standard permissions and make sure Read is checked off.

Hi there,


I have the same issue.


I do have the object set to "deployed" and the user profile access checked for the custom objects.

What else could be the problem?



One other thing I've found that can cause this issue is if the "View Dashboard As:" user does not have permission to the report. To change this go into the dashboard in edit mode and change the "View Dashboard As:" user towards the upper right to a user that does have permission or modify the permissions of the View Dashboard As user's profile. This usually happens to me when the person who created the dashboard changes roles within the company or leaves the company.
Soumya BeheraSoumya Behera
The user dont have access to the object which the report has been created.  To resolve this please go to the profile and give relevant access on the object.

Soumya Behera