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where to store configuration



We use the Force.com Partner WSDL. Our application exports contacts to SalesForce from many clients.

We would like to have a common configuration (some strings) readable by all but writable only by the administrator user.

The first approach was to store this configuration in a document in a folder into SalesForce but depending on the roles and profiles, any user may modify this file.


Is there any other way to do that?


Thank you




One common way was to create a "settings object" which had all your settings as fields.    You'd have only one record of that object type if you only had one set of settings for everyone, or you could have multiple records as needed if you needed to provide different "sets of settings" to different users/profiles, etc.





Salesforce has since come out with Custom Settings, a feature which is designed to handle this problem.  So, check that out.   You can search for it in the Apex Code Developement doc as well as elsewhere.


Best, Steve.


 Yes custom setting is better option




Thank you to evererybody!


Is it possible to create and fill custom settings with focre.com?






I can read my custom setting from Force.com but I'm looking for a way to import/create a Custom Field and its data from Force.com api or a kind of import from a file...


Any idea?