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san k.ax737san k.ax737 

Can we change the the User Interface of home page according the the client requests?


                     I wanna know is that.... whenever we login in deveolper editon we come across UI which has Home and other tab, i'm want to change thats backgroud color and make it attractive ... Is this possible? and if this future is not present in developer edition , can get this option when I actually develop application for client(Paid Edition).?






Yes you can change look and feel of home tab.

One way of doing it is creating a VF Page say "StartUp page" and assign it to a visualforce tab say "Startup".

Now go to "Apps" list and say you have a custom app say "Recruiting" click on it and you will land on it's detail page , there click "Edit" button where you have an option of selecting the "Dafault Landing Tab" in that list select "Startup".

Please be careful about the visibility of the "StartUp" tab to the requisite profiles.


To be more precise try the following:-


Goto setup->AppSetup->Customize->Home->HomePageComponen ts.

Add a HTML Component there. this HTML Comp will contain your VF page in an Iframe.



<br><iframe src="/apex/yourVFPage?core.apexpages.devmode.url=1 " width="100%" frameborder="0" height="600px"></iframe><br>


Then comeback to the HomePageLayouts and hide the rest, just show the Custom Component you have created. Thats all



Did this answer your question? If not, let me know what didn't work, or if so, please mark it solved.





You can enable the New User Interface theme by Setup->  App Setup -> User Interface -> Check "Enable New User Interface Theme". Is that what you are looking for?



san k.ax737san k.ax737

Hey ispitha...

thanks 4 reply

                        by this way can we make tab shape and color change.?





san k.ax737san k.ax737

hey Sureka

Thanks for answer


                   If i do like that we can only get one new default theme.... i wanna make custom theme i.e i wanna change the tab color&shape , background color such things can possible or wat? this is wat my question meant....






look and feel you can change , backgroud color too you can change , but about tab shape I am not sure.

san k.ax737san k.ax737


Can u tell me how to cahnge the background color.....???





Devendra SDevendra S

how we change the user interfaces?

i want to override standard css according client request??


Did u ever get any answer to this question? I am trying to customize this home page too with different background colors ..