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How do I incorporate Vertical Response statistic totals into the campaign page in Salesforce?

When I send out an email blast from Vertical Response, it tracks the status of each person (if they open the email, click a link, unsubscribe, etc.) and gives me a total number of each opened, clicked and so on.  I can "update statistics" into Salesforce but that only updates the individual campaign members' statuses.  I would like to get a total count of the number of people who opened, clicked, unsubscribed, etc. on the campaign page (like the "total responses" field).  Does anyone have any suggestions or a formula that would count the different statuses and give me a total in a custom field?



Are the # opens and # clicks custom fields on Campaign or a custom object?  (I'm rusty on my VR integration architecture)


I remember them being custom object records that point to Lead, but are not associated with campaign members.


Assuming they are in a custom object, you'd first need to figure out some logic on how to associate the custom object with a campaign.


Once you have figured that out (perhaps a campaign ID field on the VR custom object that you update in a trigger) you'll need another trigger to sum up the details from the custom object to that campaign.


Formula's wont' do the trick as formula's don't work across objects.




When you click the "Update Statistics" button in Vertical Response, it will update your member status fields.  So, all you would need to do is create a rollup summary field on the campaign to do a count of each status code you are interested in - e.g. clicked, opened, bounced, and unsubscribed.





I am trying to create a rollup summary for this but I don't see an option to count campaign member status'. To clarify, I created a custom field, named it, chose "campaign members" as the summerized field (only option available), checked "Only records meeting certain criteria should be included in the calculation" and looked for campaign member status as an option (but all I saw was status which I assume in the campaign status not member status...is that correct?)


Thanks for the help!!


What you described sounds correct.  To ensure we are communicating, here's the definition for one of the rollup fields I created in my org.


Data TypeRoll-Up SummarySummary TypeCOUNT
Summarized ObjectCampaign Member  
Filter Criteria
Status equals Clicked