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How to change field type or size after than upload manage package

Hi all.


I need help.


After than I uploaded manage package, customer want to change some data(field type - from number to pick list, text to text area  etc.)

What to do.Please help me.






You cannot change the field type with a manage package. Have you thought about creating a new field?


After you release a managed package, you will no longer be able to deleting fields, objects, etc. that have been released with that package.  You should be able to make the changes to your package if that component has only be uploaded in a beta-package.


In my opinion, the best way to avoid the problem is to create new fields with the different API names and create new page layouts to accomodate the new created fields. When a new version comes out, the user will get the new fields and new page layouts.  You'll need to instruct your client to make maunal profile changes to assign the new layout to people.


Hope this helps.