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Matching a Campaign with an Account


If I am running a campaign to target a number of Accounts and I would like to show on those accounts that they have been targeted by the campaign, is there an easy way to do this?

I have ran a report to obtain the accounts that are going to be targeted and exported it to Excel , but when I create a new campaign I cannot find a way to select which accounts it is going to be linked with.

Thanks in advance for any help provided.


I believe you posted on teh other boards as well correct?  A report should be able to group by Account Name on the contacts provided.


Note you can also add Account.Name as a custom field on CampaignMember as well (formula field).


Hi John,


Thank you for your reply.


How would I make the custom formula field link back to the Account Name as I have tried "Name", "Account.Name", and "$Account.Name" without any success?


I had a dumb moment yesterday - Account Name is actually a field already on CampaignMember (CompanyOrAccount) so you can shwo that field in the Campaign Member related list, or run reports grouping by that field to show the Accounts in a campaign.


If you wish to remove leads, you can filter those out as well.

Miss LizMiss Liz

I have a similar issue, but using a different approach.  I created a junction object using "account" and "campaign" as the master detail relationship, creating a many-to-many relationship between the account object and the campaign object.  I then created related lists on each tab, account history on the campaign tab, and campaign history on the account tab.  So far so good.  The question I have is: Is there any way to have these lists populate automatically, for both existing data, as well as new data?  I can manually associate the two, but have 1000's of existing records and create 100's more each month.  Thanks.


For account campaigns, I recommend using campaign member instead of a custom object - it's a lot less work.  Here's an unsupported app you can use to add accounts to campaigns & auto-synch the two.








The link to this app does not appear to work. We are looking for this functionality and want to try it out. Does anyone know where it can be downloaded / installed from? Please let me know. Really appreciate your help!


What was the error you saw?  Did it install successfully?  Did you initialize the app by clicking the button to mass create dummy account contacts?


I'd love to test this out, the link to documentation does not work. Also, could you provide a link to it on AppExchange....or a link for me test in my Sandbox? I don't want to install directly to my PROD box.