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Bulk API - Problem getting the job status

Hi -


I'm doing some work with the Bulk API.  I am able to get my CSV file uploaded and the job to process successfully.  I am, however, having a problem obtaining the status of the job. Here is the code I am using which is based on the example provided...


BatchInfo[] statusList = connection.getBatchInfoList(job.getId()).getBatchInfo();


I am passing it a valid job ID, which has been successfully submitted.  The error I am receiving is...


java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: input stream can not be null
at com.sforce.ws.parser.MXParser.setInput(MXParser.java:522)
at com.sforce.ws.parser.XmlInputStream.setInput(XmlInputStream.java:64)
at com.sforce.async.RestConnection.parseAndThrowException(RestConnection.java:112)
at com.sforce.async.RestConnection.doHttpGet(RestConnection.java:283)
at com.sforce.async.RestConnection.getBatchInfoList(RestConnection.java:190)


Any help would be greatly appreciated,




Jeff Podlogar


Hey did u get a solution for this.I am also facing the same problem. Please help if you have the solution. Thanks.