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SMS from Salesforce to a cellphone

I need to send a SMS from a list of contacts in SF... The idea is: make a report with some criterias and send to all this people a SMS, and save a task in each record that says it was sended the SMS


Have anybody made something like this??


Please drop an email to discuss.




Take a look at Ribbit. www.ribbit.com Stop by our Dreamforce booth to see this functionality in action.

You can accomplish this via a workflow and the different gateways provided by cellphone carriers, with email to SMS.


Are you trying to send this to users, or to customers? You'd need to know their service provider if you go the workflow (free) route.




I would like to send SMS through SFDC, what are the different "gateways provided by cellphone carriers"? Would you please expand on this..with email to SMS in mind. 


I would be sending SMS to customers and leads. Identifying their carrier will not be an issue. I'd like to go the free route with workflow if possible. 


Thank you!