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Help with field expressions in Informatica On Demand

I'm using Informatica On Demand to perform a data loading project. On the 'Cases' object, I have several lookup fields that I'm setting with External ID's, including lookups to Assets, Contracts, and Accounts. The problem is that many Cases have null fields for Asset, Contracts, or Account ID's because not all of the callers had one or all of these in the system. I would like to use an expression to reference the external ID if the field is not null.



Is there a way to use the expression functions IIF and ISNULL to build such a function into a field expression space?


Thanks for the help!


Hello, thanks for using Informatica On Demand.   You have exactly that functionality with IOD, but we didn't put it in the "short list" because we are keeping basic functions there.   Similiar to when you use Excel, you get suggestions, but you can also call the most advanced expressions available.   


Take a look at this link on our community site for the detailed info http://iodusers.ning.com/forum/topics/advanced-expressions-working


Let me know if you have any further questions,



Thanks for the guide, that was helpful!


My problem still persists however. Is it possible to use a formula expression to deal with a null external ID field?


I tried  iif(isnull(Equipment_id__C),'', To_Char(Equipment_id__C))  hoping that the field would not bring back an error with a blank entry, but the problem persists. Is there a way to conditionally map the field based on what exists in SQL? So if its not equal to null, map Equipment_id__C, but if its null, don't write the field on that line at all? 


Thanks for the response!