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Is there a place where the community can post code for purposes of sharing. I would like to post some of mine and learn from the contributions of others.
If there is one, someone please let me know.

Otherwise, please promote this idea I found

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developer.force.com/codeshare.  That's what it is for.

Hope this helps.
My first, simple attempt at codeshare.....


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Jon Mountjoy_Jon Mountjoy_
This is almost correct.

Code Share is not meant to be a place to simply share code.  Rather, it is a place to list open source code projects, where our community can (potentially) collaborate and extend/fix/help code the solution.

In other words, projects that as the Salesforce Android project:
are suitable - anyone can jump in here, help the author extend this code project and build a (probably quite large) project ecosystem.

Very small pieces of code (a Visualforce page and a controller for example) are not really suitable as projects.  They're more "code samples" than "code projects" - which are unfortunately not suited for Code Share (yet - perhaps we should add that as a category....Idea anyone)

For code samples, I wonder if, for now, you could simply post it up to the wiki and maintain a link on this wiki page?

Hope that helps


Yeah, we need a samples area. This is invaluable to learning new things and enhancing adoption for new developers. A category would be fine, let's just get it done. You would be easily be able to see 100s of examples to small problems, or enhancements, like I posted. Makes us all look better. You can find javascript snippets to do almost anything now to enhance your web apps on the web. Resources like this will only enhance developer adoption and the platform "kool-aid" adoption.

I don't think the wiki/link back url thing would be nearly as effective.

Here is a similar Idea already posted


Jon Mountjoy_Jon Mountjoy_
I agree advlgxpm - and I'll certainly be bringing it up in my next community meeting. Unfortunately, in the mean time I think we'll have to go with the wiki link I just posted for code samples, and remove the samples from Code Share - otherwise it would lead to more confusion.

Feel free to ping me at j mountjoy at salesforce.com.

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Nope, can't even do the wiki thing. Getting error:

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from within function "User::addToDatabase". MySQL returned error "1062: Duplicate entry 'Paul Deschenes (Paul Deschenes)' for key 2 (localhost)".
Jon Mountjoy_Jon Mountjoy_
Uh. I'll get Michael to fix this for you ASAP.