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Need access to fields in custom ojbect....

Posted this elsewhere, hoping maybe for a broader audience. 

A. I Created object called Solutions.

In addition to its name, the Object has 3 fields:  (1) enrollment fee, (2) multiplier and (3) unit price.


B. On an Opportunity entry, I have a field that does a relational lookup to this Solutions object.

I also created a new currency field on the Opportunity object called Calculated Revenue.


C. When a user goes to add a new Opportunity, they select the Solution Sold which does the table lookup noted above. 


I want to create Workflow rule for the field Calculated Revenue, noted above, that uses the following formula: 

                Solutions(1) + (Solutions (2) * Solutions (3) * Opportunities (field Z))

                                                [field Z is a numeric field that already exists on the Opportunity object]



When building the Workflow rule for the Calculated Revenue field on Opportunity object, is there a way to get the Solutions fields 1, 2, and 3 associated with the record selected in the lookup done in Step B above???

Thanks in advance.
Well.... you "might" be able to do summary rollup fields on the opportunity record for solutions_1, solutions_2 and solutions_3, then set your calc field on the opp to calculate from the summary fields you create. Otherwise, it would probably be best to do a trigger on the opportunity table.
Thanks for taking the time to respond.  After playing in the sandbox for several hours, I figured it  out.  I ended up keeping the relational lookup from the Opp object and then built a rule with a formula to re-calculate the field upon edit/save.