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Clone an instance

If i had a salesforce instance in UK and i want the same instance in US , is there a way to clone the exact instance.
Do you want to clone the data or the configuration?  Would these two systems need to be synchronized (when a change in one occurs, should it be reflected in the other?).  You may want to consider just providing access for both countries to the same instance and dividing the record access via Salesforce.com's security model.
clone the configuration. --- as of now there is no need to make the changes reflect in both, but that would be helpful.
Your best bet may be to have a single Salesforce.com instance and separate the UK and USA data using the private security model (best if you have EE or above, but it's possible in Professional as well, just not as robust for complex security models).
is there a way just to clone as thats what the manager wants to do
You have a few options:

  • You could explore a third-party application (check out the AppExchange) to transfer meta-data information from one org to another.  This has its limitations, however, as not all configurable components from the user interface are available in the meta-data API yet
  • Package what you can in a private AppExchange package and install into the destination environment
  • Ask your account manager if it is possible to have the Salesforce.com team copy the config over to a new org
If none of these work for you, you could always manually copy over the entire configuration through the user interface.  However, this will be very time consuming and greatly increases the likelihood of user-error.