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Eclipse deployment question (Workflow)

Hi all,

I am using Eclipse as a deployment tool for the first time. Among the changes I wanted to migrate from my Sandbox environment to the Production one, I had an email template that is used in workflow rules for the Opp Line Item standard object.

So I tried to migrate the workflows for this object. The problem is that, on the Sandbox environment, all the email addresses for the users have been suffixed with the name of the Sandbox (eg: an email which in Production is "joe.blogs@somewhere.com" will have the email changed in a Sandbox called test to: "joe.blogs@somewhere.com.test") and Eclipse throws an error (a good thing, for sure!).

The question is: how are you supposed to perform the migration without having to update all the email addresses? What is the ideal way to do this? Thanks,

Saravanan @CreationSaravanan @Creation
Hi ,

The 'Change set' is the best solution for this. Because if you use change set salesforce will automatically takecare of your problem.