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Preferred/Proper Way to Import Third Party Code into force.com IDE

I'm using the Force.com IDE and trying to integrate other people's code from code share. Specifically, I'm trying to integrate Google Maps/Google Earth functionality by using Ron Hess's project (force-google-earth found at: http://code.google.com/p/force-google-earth.
1. Is the preferred methodology to create a new folder under /src to add these source files?
2. Is it better to create an application? (ex) App Name = GoogleEarth, then copy all source files into the application)?
3. I tried to add the files in systematically into the respective source folders (ex) triggers/geocode.trigger from GoogleEarth project into my project) , but seem to get compile errors. Is there a specific order for how files should be added/deployed to force.com ide to prevent compile errors?
If my question(s) are not clear, please let me know and I can try to provide additional details. Thanks in advance.
The best way to import a Code Share project like Ron Hess's Google Earth integration into the Force.com IDE is to create the project from the repository and then connect it to your Salesforce organization:

1. Start Eclipse having both the Force.com IDE and the Subclipse plug-in installed.
2. Choose New > Project... > SVN > Checkout Projects from SVN.
3. Create a new repository location pointing to the Subversion project (in this case, on Google Code).
4. Check out the project into your workspace at the project name level ("src" should be a top level folder beneath your project; you should not have a "Google Earth" folder inside your project).
5. Once the project has been created, right-click on the project root and select Force.com > Add Force.com Nature. Specify your credentials.
6. Right-click on the "src" folder and choose Force.com > Save to Server to push all the source files at once into your Salesforce organization.

For more detailed instructions, see the Force.com platform tutorial called "Downloading and Deploying an App using Code Share" in the Eclipse online help.

Also, since you asked, the Force.com IDE does not support user-defined project folders, and creating folders beneath "src" may prevent the IDE from properly synchronizing with the server, or it may just ignore these folders.  The only place where non-standard folders are allowed is for metadata types that use folders on the server, such as Reports.  In that case, the folder itself is also part of your Salesforce organization's metadata.

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