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Records not getting updated while using Email services

I have followed all the steps given in Forcedotcom_workbookv2.pdf - tutorial 9, and i was working in eclipse 3.2 IDE
9th tutorial explains about email services even after completing the steps correctly the records are not getting updated in the Mileage tab. I get the below exception in the bounce back failure mail (i hav enabled this option to know the error)
mileagetracker@c-4oal1njmokdtbtwvxcmrhlw82.in.salesforce.com (reading confirmation): 554 System.StringException: Ending position out of bounds: -1  Class.EmailToApex.getFieldValue: line 11, column 16 Class.EmailToApex.handleInboundEmail: line 17, column 48
Please let me know what went wrong