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Many to One Relationship

Hello all,
my first post. I am exploring ways to implement a many-to-one relationship in Salesforce.
In practical terms, what I seek to achieve is the folowing:
We have Contracts. Contracts could be through two sources.
A) through a lead -> Opportunity -> Contract
B) though existing Accounts -> Contract
Is it possible to create two different parents for Contract (or some other custom field)

       To implement one to many relationship,you need to create master-detail field.I mean to say when you have two objects A and B.
If A is the child object or the many side then you have to create a master-detail field of B in A object.
But the case you are mentioning ,in this case there already exist the relationship.that is Account Name standard field in the contract.
you will not need to create two different parents of the contract.
YOu can create both ways contract but for this you have to create scontrols in salesforce.com
1) One s-control to convert the opportunity to contract.
2) Other s-control to create the contract from the account.
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