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Setting up custom objects with linked to ther objects.

I was wondering if it was possible to create a custom tab, lets call it prospects, between leads and accounts that will work as a bridge between leads and accounts allowing opportunities to be linked to it to allow people to be quoted as prospects before they become accounts.
I am having awfull trouble accomplishing this task and would like feed back on possible apps that could accomplish this for me or some sort of starting point and reference material.
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yes it is possible.But this is a custom functionality which will require some custom development to accomplish.

I am salesforce freelance remote developer and administrator.Please let me know if you need assistance to accomplish this






Not sure if this would work, but have you considered creating a junction object between leads and opportunities?  This would give you a way to create a relationship between the two objects, but, of course, it is completely outside of standard Salesforce functionality, so you would have to manage and reference it yourself.

Hope this helps.


Just wanted to throw this out as possibilility - why don't you track prospects in the Accounts object from a checkbox field called "Prospects". This would allow you to pull a report for all prospects with their opportunities. You would need to determine criteria for filtering prospects that become accounts. This could be handled by a trigger that updates the Accounts type field when the opportunity closes. The updated Account type could further be used in filtering your Prospects Report.

While this would take a little planning initially, it would eliminate the complexity of so many objects.