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Question on Pricing products within an opportunity

Good evening all,
Having fun with Salesforce, and then a new challenge pops up ... we are looking at our opportunity products.  We use scheduling, but to throw a wrench into the situation, most times the prices are based on a unit price (1.54 per unit) instead of the quantity and list price (our product components are typically sold in the thousands, which would mean some calculator work for our sales guys to figure this out).  Now, the opportunity products has the sales price as a formula field, so we cannot edit this field.  However, the "development" expertise in me is minimal, and I have been unable to figure out a way to take a custom field created called "unit price", and take this field to calculate the total price through our schedule (so that the price is calculated using the unit price and not the standard sale price in the price book itself).
Any of you ever dealt with this kind of customization before?  If so, I would love any help you could possibly throw my way (and if we ever run into each other, I am sure a beer would need to pass from my hand to yours!  :) )
What about making your unit price the list price in the price book?