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User Level Required for API?

We're running into a problem (during a very large presentation) in which we cannot login as any of the users via the API. It returns an error about "Invalid object type 'Organization'". We haven't had this problem before, and I think it's probably related to their user permissions (of which I know little).
What user settings determine whether a user's account can be accessed via the API?
Ron HessRon Hess
there may be something in the Profile that prevents read access to the Organization object, but i'm not sure i understand how you are logging in as the user via the api, is this via Login()? 

it may be a setting called "customize salesforce", just guessing.

That's correct, we're using $client->login($login). This works for all our clients except for one, which has a very large number of Salesforce users. While the administrator's account encounters no problems, all the sub accounts do.

We're also using $client->setClientId($sf_enterprise_login); to specify the use of our enterprise account, if that would make any difference.

I'd suspect its not the login thats failing, but some subsequent call.
You're right. After running some isolated tests, I was able to login to one of the accounts, but could not retrieve a list of fields. Apparently there are some user settings that are restricting those users from reading the object descriptions.
config object like organization are typically only visible to admin users.