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Not sure where to start - Trying to integrate Salesforce with an outside website

I am hoping somebody can point me in the right direction. I work in customer service for a gift card company. We have a website we use to look up orders. When there is an issue we open a case in Salesforce for the issue. The case is opened using information on the order copied and pasted from the order website.


I want to be able to open a case through the order website where all the information is automatically populated to the case. I have researched all the integration methods possible but I am just not sure which path will be the best path. Our developer doesn't think it is possible but I know it is.


Please help point me in the right direction!


What edition of Salesforce do you have? If you have PE, I recommend Email-to-Case. If you have EE or UE, then you can do this with either Email-to-Case or use the Web Services API. More details on integration can be found here.


Hope that helps,



I have been following the Web Service API path as the best path so far. I am really new to code. I have been exposed to code before but nothing like this so I am a novice. There seems to be many options how to perform this task. Right now I am trying out Apex call outs but now having a hard time coverting the sample code to what I need to do.


The sample code gives an Accounts Plan example and I am trying to accomplish this for Cases. Any suggestions from here.


API is great and might be the best way to go.  But also look at saving yourself time and maybe using Web-To-Case.


The issue with Email-To-Case is that the case is going to be associated with the account who's email address is the FROM field.  If you're creating the cases yourself, this is not the prefered method.  Web-To-Case will allow you to type in the email address of your client and SFDC will do the lookup upon submission.


And if desired, you'll then start triggering Workflow or other auto-responders based on the case.  The client will recieve an email, etc etc.


And look at Setup -> Customize -> Cases -> Support Settings for some other great options about what happens after a case is created.


Thank you for the suggestions. What I am trying to accomplish is not fill out another form. Our cases are already set up to capture the order information.


We collect the same fields every case, barcode number, batch number, and invoice number. I am trying to cut our time in half by opening cases and have this data pushed to the case we are opening. This way we don't have to switch between screens copying and pasteing this information.


I am starting to think that there may not be a way to populate text fields with information from another website. Basically that is what I am trying to do.


My thought was to have a button on the outside website that opens the case and populates the cooresponding information. The Button would not be an issue since the developers can add it on for me and I am pretty sure I might be able to configure it.


The issue is getting the fields to populate in the case with the information from the website.


Web-To-Case doesn't need to be "another form"... it could simply be another button that submits it to SFDC.  You could use the exact same form as you're currently using and just press a button to submit it to SFDC.  This can either be done totally in Javascript (AJAX form submission) or easily if you have the ability to change the names of the fields on your current form.


It's an idea.  API is also very easy.


I didn't know web-to-case had that kind of capability. I didn't go into it further then just reading information. I will look at web-to-case now and let you know. Thank you for the great information.