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sql server to sforce data loader to salesforce?

Sales transactions from our website come in and hit a sql server database. Can I somehow use the sforce data loader on an automated basis to find new records in that table, then goto salesforce and append that sales data onto that customers salesforce record?
Check out dbAmp or openAccess.  dbAmp provides a linked server via ole db provider for salesforce.com.

Take a look at my Dreamforce presentation on DBAmp at http://www.crmsuccess.com/browse/content_detail.jsp?id=006300000034wbZAAQ&flid=02n300000000ID7AAM&slid=&tlid=02o300000000haWAAQ

The company in the presentation is doing much the same thing, inserting records into SALESFORCE based on content in a SQL Server table.

For a copy of DBAmp, go to www.forceamp.com and register for the beta.


Bill Emerson

Ron HessRon Hess
I am using the dbAmp beta and it is quickly sloving some tricky problems that I thought I was going to be forced to write custom code to solve.

great for building a local / replicated database ( i use MS SQL Express) and then running multi table joins for marketing influencer type reports.

I agree with De V Angel check it out.

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Ok, here's my question about this concept. Why do I need data replication? Do I need to replicate the data so that I can then connect that data to sf.com? If I do need to replicate the data in order to use this product, could I just use sql server instead of sql express?

My primary purpose here is not to do any type of backup of data, it is to move data from a sql server database to the salesforce record. And, if I can do that without coding that would be great.

Maybe I can answer some of your questions.

1. Replication is not a requirement for your usage case. Ron replicates his data because his usage case is based on reporting requirements.

2. You can use any edition of SQL, Ron choose SQL Express because he is not a SQL shop and Express is free.

3. The primary benefit of any "SQL access to salesforce" product is to leverage your skills as a SQL programmer to access SF data  Depending on the complexity of your need (i.e. are you INSERTing records into SF, UPDATING fields a salesforce record based on SQL data and what are your volumes) programming may still be required and  the best solution may be a combination of techniques (for example, like using the sforce data loader, my product (DBAmp), the AJAX toolkit, ADO.NET, etc.)

If would like to talk more specifically about what you need and if it is a good fit, send me an email at bemerson @ forceamp.com .  I'm a developer, not a salesman.


Bill Emerson

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Konrad ZawelKonrad Zawel
Try Skivia (https://skyvia.com/data-integration/salesforce-data-loader) app. It can sync Cloud and Database Data. No code solution, read more here