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na1 vs. ssl.salesforce.com

I'm developing an application that provides several links into a customer's SFDC database. Unfortunately, I've found at least two versions of links:
https://na1.salesforce.com/... and https://ssl.salesforce.com/...

And if we provide the wrong type of link, the customer is forced to re-login for each link. Any way I can determine the right domain through the API, so I can reliably provide the right link?

the login call returns the right url, if you're coming in via a WIL, then there's a merge field for it
SimonF wrote:
> the login call returns the right url

Thanks. I notice that a customer that needs ssl.salesforce.com has this in their loginResponse:
'serverUrl' => 'https://na0-api.salesforce.com/services/Soap/c/6.0'

So, does this mean I can use na0 for them instead?
if you want the URL to the webapp, then call describeSobject("Account") and look a the URLs in there.
Oh, cool. when I print (Perl)


I get

I'm assuming urlDetail should always be there in every (sfdc) account, right? Or is it preferable to use one of the other fields?

Thanks, Simon. This has been really helpful.
UrlDetail will always be there for the account entity.