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Updating Opportunity stage history values

Is it possible to change values in the opportunity stage history without creating new entries?

Specifically, we have changed our sales model and the stages associated. We would like to update history records to match the new picklist values.
Is this possible?


No, I don't see how it can be.  If the stage history is not update during a stage replace or stage delete, then it can't be done.  The OpportunityHistory table is read only for the API.

If that is the case, then how do we report historically for our Opportunity by stage? Will we always need to carry forward the legacy sales stages and figure out how they conform to the new process in each report?

Do you know if the OpenAccess ODBC product has access to modify this table, or does that product use the API?
Ron HessRon Hess
yes, OpenAccess ODBC uses the API, so rows in the history tables will remain read-only.
we are forced to filter out the old stages and build our analysis on current stages.
one small but good reason to pick a best practice and stick to it.