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Login History Data Records - Do they get purged?


Does anyone know if the Login History data records get purged at all? We have clients that with the number of users and the number of processes that login can have about 70,000 entries a week in their Login History. This can easily escalate to 300,000 records in a month. Even though they download that data to excel and filter out automated process logins, the download and filtering out is a huge process due to so many records. Is there a way to purge these or do they get deleted automatically.

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I believe they are kept for 6 months. 70k/week seems very high unless they have thousands of users

the way we get that figure is

3 logins every 15 minutes * 150 users = 1,800 logins an hour which on average is about 14,000 a day, which is about 72,000 a week.



why is it logging in every 5 mintues ? that's insane.