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Inactive User issue

We have a app. that runs to change record owners based on zip code. Basically mass reallignment of terroritories based on zip code. It changes the account owner, along with open activites, opps, contacts, etc...that are associated with the Account.

The issue we are having is the account owner is getting updated, but when trying to update the contact owners we get the error that the user is inactive. This doesn't happen on all records, though..just some.

I have tried to troubleshoot to see why it only happens on some, but perplexed. The owner of the account and contacts is indeed active. And the owner of the account is changed. So why would it error saying that is cannot update the contact owner because they are inactive....but changes the account owner to the same person? Any help or thoughts would greatly be appreciated.

Here is the error:

SystemErr R Message: owner is inactive, cannot reparent record

I have exactly the same problem and I don't find anything about this :(