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Open Source Project for SQL Access to Salesforce.com

DBAmp is now open source and free !
If you are looking for a way to access Salesforce.com data via SQL SELECT statements or need to quickly replicate your Salesforce.com data into local SQL Server tables, check out the DBAmp open source project at http://sourceforge.net/projects/dbamp .

If you don't have SQL Server, you can download a free version from Microsoft called the SQL Server 2005 Express Edition and use it to host DBAmp.

You can watch a Dreamforce presentation on DBAmp at http://www.crmsuccess.com/browse/content_detail.jsp?id=006300000034wbZAAQ&flid=02n300000000ID7AAM&slid=&tlid=02o300000000haWAAQ

Thanks to all who participated in the beta program.
Bill Emerson

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Also, if DBAmp is of value to you, could you post a review for others in the Salesforce On-Demand Marketplace at http://www.salesforce.com/partners/solution-detail.jsp?id=a0030000000iQ4KAAU ? Thanks, Bill Emerson