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TO ALL GURU's - mass inline change to Profile causing certain tabs to become hidden



Mass update (~400 profiles) to grant read access to a custom object using the Profile Enhanced list view..  



This action granted read access to the custom object for all custom profile as expected,  however changed the tab settings to a select set of packaged tabs from 'default on' to hidden.


More details:


  • An profile audit trails were recorded for the read update to the custom object.
  • No profile audit trail were recorded for the packaged tab change from 'default on' to hidden was logged?
  • Only certain  tabs are effected (packaged ServiceMAX)
  • A subsequent manual tab setting change is recorded in the log.
  • This is not a onetime event and can be reproduced.
  • I did submit a ticket to both sfdc and serviceMax,  but usually have better luck here.

I cant see how  the following be possible using the force.com platform


  1. detect a change in the profile.
  2. make a modification to the profile without an audit trail. (even to make tab setting change would require a callout to the metadataAPI (unsupported, cluggy, but possible),  but that would at least show an audit trail )