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Account Relationships - linking to a contact versus another account

Hi, I work In Force.COM for Hedge Funds


Under the Account tab, their is the "Relationship" tab where we can define any relationship with another Account and their role that they have. 


Unfortunately, simply having the Account to Account relationship does not help me much considering an account may have many, many contacts within.


For example, I have a client XYZ which has a broker at Merrill lynch for example. I add the relationship to Merrill Lynch to our client, but that does not tell me which broker at ML is the key contact.


How do I force the relationship to be with a particular "Contact" instead of with an "Account"





It sounds like you may have person accounts enabled which is causing you this problem.  Unfortunately, you can't undo person accounts but there are certainly some work-arounds.  Can you confirm you are using person accounts?


Also - are these relationships for a general account, or maybe for perhaps a deal or opportunity?  If they are for a deal/opp, you can use the Related Contacts and populate them that way.....



I am not using person accounts currently. This particular case is a B2B relationship. These relationships are for general accounts i.e. Pension XYZ has a relationship with Consultant ABC. But I would like to know which person at Consultant ABC is the lead contact.
While on the subject, we do have many B2C relationships also. Is it possible to have both "general" Accounts and "person" Accounts setup at the same time?



I'd probably set up a custom object to link them in that fashion.

When you have person accounts, you can have both standard and Person accounts, yes.