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Time-based workflow monitoring and "Record Name"

I am having some trouble performing searches on time-based workflow.  For debugging purposes, it's very helpful to search for workflows related to a particular record - usually a Contact.  Since we cannot do this with a SOQL query, I'm falling back on the Time-Based Workflow Monitoring page, and am encountering some difficulty with the Record Name field.  Specifically I find that if I supply the Record Name as listed in the search results with the "equals" relation, the search cannot find my workflows.


For example, if I create a Contact record with first name Robert, last name Dobbs, and then trigger a workflow on this Contact, an unqualified search on the monitoring page will turn up a workflow queued with the record name "Robert Dobbs".  However, if I do a search for "Record Name" equals "Robert Dobbs", no results will be found.  I've tried numerous variants on the name, and I find that the "equals" check never seems to work.  "starts with" will work, but only (and interestingly!) if I specify the last name - and only the last name.



Should I be able to search for "Record Name" "equals" Firstname Lastname?


Thanks and Regards,

Jeff Trull



I'm experiencing the same problem too. Nothing seems to work to pull up records based on filtering on the Record Name field.


For issues like this, it would help if Salesforce remotely acknowledges that there's a problem. It's frustrating to be left hanging, wondering if you're doing something wrong or if the system is simply broken.