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Time Based Work Flow - Triggering issue before 14th day of the expiration date

I created a Time Based WF rule to send an email alert 14 days before the Expiration Date. This rule is not triggering thou the records match the creteria(14 th day before the expiration date).


The Expiration Date field = Created date + 365 days


I am not checking  Expiration date on the rule creteria, If the Oppty status = Closed won and couple other fields creteria match then the Time Based action should occur before 14th day of the Expiration Date.


I appreciate  any advise I could get from Listers to automate this process. Thankyou.


You need to consider the following for the Time Based Work Flow :


- Salesforce.com ignores time triggers that reference null fields.


- If the evaluation criteria is Only when a record is created, the workflow rule evaluates its time triggers only once. If the record that fired the rule changes to no longer meet the evaluation criteria, Salesforce.com removes the pending actions from the queue and never reapplies the rule to the record.


- Time-based workflow rules are not reevaluated if an Apex post trigger executed as a result of a workflow rule or approval process updates a field so its value no longer meets the time-based workflow rule criteria.


- Configuring the Due Date to “Rule Trigger Date” sets time triggers and workflow task due dates relative to when the workflow rule evaluation criteria are met. For example, if the task due date is “Rule Trigger Date plus 10 days” and the evaluation criteria are met on January 1st, Salesforce.com sets the task due date to January 11th.


Hope this helps.


What would be the best solution to auto send an email to Oppty contact 14 days before Expiration date? 

The Expiration date is usually 1 year from Oppty Close Date.

I am using the formula field that populates "Expiration date".

I  am trying to get this alert thru WF rule,  is there a APEX trigger that can evaluate the expiration due days  on Oppty to make this WF rule work?