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Notification links - How to avoid partner users need to relogin? Detecting an open Partner Portal?

Has anyone solved this problem?


We send out a lot of automatic notification emails to our partners.  We want our Partners to be able to click on links within the notification emails and get directed to the relevant records within their partner portal.


The problem we are experiencing is that even though they have an already open Partner Portal when they click on the link they get force to re-login.  Very frustrating and annoying experience.  


So, we are wondering if anyone else has this problem and has perhaps solved it? 


Hello Stream, 


Funny i used to work at a place called Stream.  Having the same issue.  A work around we have come up with is having the user simply 


1.  Go into their queue on their homepage and pick up the lead assigned to them, 


2.  Replace the link in a custom email template with standard record link {!lead.directlink} and fire the template off based on AND(NOT(ISNEW()),ISCHANGED(Lead.OwnerID)  to fire the workflow.  Then we simply train the team not to use the [] notify new owner.