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remove objects from recycle bin

My recycle bin is clogged with 1200+ objects dating back 5 months; from what I understand there should be no object older than 45 days. How do I cleanup my recycle bin?


Any help would be greatly appreciated,



Some info about the recycle bin:


* Deleted records stay in there for 30 days from when they are deleted (not created). Therefore, you could have "old" records in there if they were deleted within 30 days.


*  "To permanently remove your deleted items prior to the 30 day period, administrators, and users with the 'Modify All Data' permission, can click Empty your recycle bin or Empty your organization’s recycle bin."  So, if you are not an administrator and you do not have the proper rights, you won't be able to clean up your own recycle bin.


Actually yesterday I tried to empty the recycle bin using the "Empty your recycle bin" and "Empty your organization’s recycle bin" buttons but the recycle bin was not emptied (was still showing entries). However today the recycle bin is indeed empty -- is there a meaningful delay between the time you press the button and the time the recycle bin is actually emptied?


Furthermore, if now I go to Setup/Create/Objects, scroll to the end of the page and click on Deleted Objects I still see my 1200+ objects (meaning "tables", not records), in spite of the recycle bin being now empty. Can anyone explain the relationship between the recycle bin and the deleted object list?


thanks again,


 When a record is deleted, it is stored in Recycle Bin for 30 days before its permanently deleted. Whereas

When you delete a custom object, does not list it in the Recycle Bin with other deleted records. Instead, deleted objects appear in the Deleted Custom Objects list for 45 days.


Thank you very much for the clarification about the Recycle Bin and the Deleted Custom Objects folder.

So my problem now is, how to I empty the Deleted Custom Objects folder? I can delete objects

one by one but having 1200 of them makes the process a little tedious,


thank you,