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Question about creating relationships with Soql

Hi, I am new to SOQL and have a few question about creating parent to child relation with soql. I have created 3 SObject: First SObject contains Child information (Child's name, age, birthdate, School Name, Father's Name), Second Sobject contains School information(School name, Size address), Third contains Father information(Name, Age, Child Name, etc). I was wondering how do relate Child to father and Child to School. 


I know how to get the information from one SObject: Public List<Child__c> getChildInfo()

{ return [Select Id, Name, Age__c, Father_Name__c, School_Name__c, Phone_Number__c, Street_Address__c, Zip_Postal_Code__c From Child__c ]; 



But how do I List child Father Name and information? Do I need to do something in the custom object link in the setup


Thanks for any help you can give. 


This is what will get you started-


Relationships in SOQL




Hi, i'll try to provide a conceptual example just to illustrate the ideas, hope it helps.

    First, we have the Father Object
    Father {
        Name - String
        Age? - Integer
        Birthdate - Date
    Child {
        Name - String
        Age? - Integer
        Birthdate - Date
        Father - LookUp  <- This is important!
In the Child object we have a Father field, in the form of a lookup field.

When a child is created, you complete this lookup field with a Father object, SF will let you select from the availables fathers.

In this way, one child can have only one father but a father can have multiple children.


 If this isn't enought, just let me know and i'll provide a brief code example.

Hope it helps !!


- Zeta