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Hi, all-


My organization would like to make some kind of a "table" (I'm not sure if that's actually the correct Salesforce term, so bear with me) to hold information of other organizations.


We would like to set up our instance so that on one of our custom objects, when we select the name of Organization A from a picklist, the address, phone number, fax, etc. fields all fill in automatically based on the information that we have for Organization A in the table.


Is what I'm describing possible?


Many thanks!!

You can use another custom object to hold this information.  If you only have a small set of organizations and it doesn't change very often, you can use custom settings too.  This is a new feature that was released in Winter10 release last month.

Great, I'm glad our question has good timing!


Is it possible to bypass creating a custom object to hold this info?  If I enter all of the information into a Business Account record, can I get it to auto-fill on a different custom object from there?  This would actually be the ideal solution, so if that's possible, I would love to learn how.


If that's not possible, then once I create the Custom Object2 and import all of my necessary data into that object's fields, how do I get the fields to auto-fill on my already existing Custom Object1?


Thank you!!

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How about creating a lookup field for account in your custom object?  If you are particular about the fields to be on your custom object, you can use formula fields that refer to the fields on account.  You can do this with another custom object as well.

This sounds like exactly the solution I'm looking for, but I'm having some trouble implementing it.


I'm working on creating a Field Update on my custom object.  Unfortunately, when I go to insert a field from my Person Account (which is where I need the information to auto-fill from), I don't have the fields from Person Accounts as options available to me to insert.  I can insert any field from the custom object that I want that information to go to, but that doesn't help me.


Is there a way around this?  How can I insert a field from Person Accounts into my formula for my custom object?


Thank you for your help so far!


It is just dawning on me that the problem I depicted in my previous post may be related to the fact that I can't get the Person Account to show up as a related list at the bottom of my page layout of that custom object, either.


This might be complicated.