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required fields before saving a lead vs required fields before converting a lead

Another question, I'm afraid!


I know how to make certain fields required before you can save a Lead record--you just click the Required checkbox on the Page Layout associated with that Lead's record type.  However, is there a way to make a field required before that record can be converted?


If that doesn't make sense, here's a quick dumb example.  Let's say I have a "Favorite Color" field on my Lead page.  I want to set that field so that my end user does not have to enter a favorite color in order to save the Lead record, but so that they do have to enter a favorite color in order to convert that record into an Account.


Thank you x3.  =)


perhaps a validation rule on Leads would work?




IsConverted && ISBLANK(Favorite_Colour__c)



Might also need to check that validation rules are enabled for lead converts (in leads settings)


Hmm, didn't seem to work.


I wonder if I didn't change what I needed to change in the Leads settings--I didn't see anything that talked about enabling validation rules lead converts when I went to Customize > Leads > Settings.  Should I check somewhere else?


Thank you for your help!


Also, here's the formula I'm using, if it helps:


        NOT(ISPICKVAL(Status, "Ready to Convert"))


I want my user to not be able to convert until "Ready to Convert" is selected on my Lead Status picklist.  Unfortunately, when I tested this with a different picklist value selected, Salesforce still allowed me to convert my Lead.



It's just a checkbox labelled "Enforce Validation and Triggers from Lead Convert"


I just did a quick search and apparently some older orgs may not have it enabled. see:


Still don't see it, sorry.  Here's what my screen looks like when I go to Customize > Leads > Settings.

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Yes I believe you =) think you'll need to poke Salesforce support regarding this option.



Ha, just wanted to make sure I wasn't going crazy.  =)  All right, thank you for your help!

I saw that the posting was a little old. Maybe this will help.