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date field value default to Dec 31 1969 by S-Control

Hi, we installed an application and it is using s-control to allow multi-line edit --- users can mark multiple rows as completed and enter the completed date there.


The issue is, when user click the input area, it defaults to Dec 31 1969. 


Although we paid for this application, it has not been resolved after more than one month.


date error


What could be the issue? The developer said this works well in other org, but not in my org.



Just off midnight 01/01/1970 is the clue i guess


is this on appExchange?


Thanks for the reply. but why 01/01/1970?


This is on appexchange, but at this moment, I will not share the link.




A lot of systems represent dates as the number of milliseconds since 01-01-1970 00:00:00 GMT, its the standard "epoch"





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