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How can I put a simple text message on the Page Layout?

I tried many things on how to customize this but find nothing effective. I want to put a text message on the Page Layout I created, how can I do that? Anyone who know how to configure this? Please help me again.
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You had mentioned in ur post, that you want to put the message anywhere in your page!

you can create a VF component maybe, which will render this message text for you and you can embed it anywhere in your page section.

Is that what you want?


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Can u please elaborate a bit?

Like where do you want to put it, like a header or like a help text?


Putting a message in a header and help text is no problem. I can set it already. But the message you can put here is already fix and you cant locate it anywhere you want. The thing I want to do is to put a message anywhere in the page layout I want to. Is that possible?
Inide <apex:outputlable > type your message if its static otherwise bind your message to the<apex:outputlabel> tagI


I am confused now!

Are you building a VF screen or are you using a standard page layout?

And how you want to put the message on page? Do you want the content to be rendered dynamically?


Im not building any VF screen or any APEX page. Im just using the standard layout. So I wanted to put a message or text on that stadard page layout. I want to put the message statically. No rendering or controlling it. Just a simple message setting on the standard page layout I created. It is possible?

You had mentioned in ur post, that you want to put the message anywhere in your page!

you can create a VF component maybe, which will render this message text for you and you can embed it anywhere in your page section.

Is that what you want?


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I see. So there is no way I can put a text or any message to the standard layout without making any coding? Im not yet knowledgeable about VF, so I will leave this thing at this time. Thanks for your advises. :smileywink:

First, as the product manager for Page Layouts, let me apologize for this gap in functionality.  It is on the roadmap to support static text on the layout, but is not as high a priority as other feature requests.


Second, the Visualforce approach will work but I can see how it might be daunting.  It is also only visible on the Detail Page, not on the Edit Page form.


Third, there is a trick to displaying static text that is often used for forms that need to communicate policy information to the end user, etc.  The trick:

1. create a custom field of type Text 

2. set the Default Value for the custom field to be the static text you need. 

3. make sure that the field is read-only for all of your end users (you as the admin will still see it as editable, so do not be fooled by that -- try looking at with an end-user's Profile and it will be read-only).

4. place this field on the page layout where you want it to display.  The catch is that the field label will display next to it, so you need to give it a meaningful field label.


This discussion was from over two years ago. Has there been any progress on adding this fairly basic functionality?

Balesh LakshminarayananBalesh Lakshminarayanan
Hi Everyone,  I am working on a major community based project where I am planning to use a lot of standard pagelayouts so that I can quickly rollout salesforce1 later. There are many disclaimer and policy statements in each section and I am wondering if there is any other better solution yet ? I can manage vf components , vf panels etc, but this is kind of odd that this question is not solved even after 2 years... In fact the length of section name is only 80 characters and I could have managed if it was 255. Please see if there can be an option where we can add display texts in pagelayouts which are sort of addition to help texts. 

Use Case: 
1. Dislaimer section at the end of page.
2. Detailed explanation before certain fields , especially checkbox requesting for some consent.
3. Detailed text to guide user on where to get a specific data point which is requested in the form .
Anyone got solution on this?I still face this issue.
Adrielle Robinson 14Adrielle Robinson 14
 create a formula field (text) then put the text in quotes "static text that you want in the field" and it will show the text and it won't be editable. Boom.  
kristen rinakerkristen rinaker
Adrielle Robinson -- boom for sure.  Thank you so much.  I can actually understand your directions, and they almost work.  When I open an existing contact, there's my message.  But when I start a new contact, I don't see it.  I'm guessing (hoping) there's just another step to make it visible on the "make new" blank layout?
Adrielle Robinson 14Adrielle Robinson 14
Hi Kristen, in my workaround (VF page is what is needed) the text is not visible in the edit screen (since it is a formula field), thanks.
Tony ParfittTony Parfitt
Here's another workaround that will work with edit and view pages, with limitations.

1) Create a section in the page and alter the section header to have the text you need (can only be a certain length) and visible in edit and/or view.
2) Add a blank line under the section so it doesn't disappear because there's no data.

Built in basic functionality should already be in page layouts, especially as it is a deficiency that was acknowledged years ago by SFDC and would be low hanging fruit to implement. 
Byron BrummerByron Brummer

It's remarkable that such incredibly basic functionality is "It is on the roadmap" as the project manager of Layouts metioned above in 2009...yet here in the year of our lord 2022 it's still MIA.  13 years and we still can't add simple text to a layout...