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Fix for error "org.eclipse.wst.sse.ui.StructuredTextEdit..." opening the Editor in Eclipse

For any of you who have experienced an error "org.eclipse.wst.sse.ui.StructuredTextEditor.isBlockSelectionModeEnabled()Z" upon opening the

Editor in Eclipse version 3.4 when trying to access your Force.com Project here is the fix.


1. Help -> Software Updates 
2. Click on "Revert Configuration 
3. My current (broken) configuration had "Eclipse XML editors and 
tools" version 3.1 
4. Find the configuration that has Eclipse XML editors..." version 
5. select that configuration and click "Finish" 
6. The workbench will restart 


The "XML Editors" version that works for me is 
3.0.4v200811211541<key> .

It got broken when I updated to 



Hope that helps someone

I had the same issue and this helped me... Thanks!

Thank you for posting this - I had the same issue but I was in the middle of switching desktops, so there are many things that have changed.  I would have never found this.


Greatly appreciated.


I've added this solution to the Force.com IDE FAQ page: http://bit.ly/7NvhoC


Thanks for your contribution! 

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