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Translation workbench vs multiple applications

I am working for 2 charities, both of which have a license form the Salesforce foundation. 
We are currently developing a special package to support major donor programs for both charities that will be available in English, German and Dutch.  In order to support this, we are developing an application in SFDC non-profit edition to support each language version.
What I am not perfectly clear on is how we need to set this up to meet our language requirements.  The choices are 1.) Use the translation workbench to create 3 language versions in one application, or 2.) Create 3 different applications, so one per language.
The localization has an affect on the following:
1.)     Field labels
2.)     Pick list values
3.)     Help text
4.)     User manual/help
Our end goal is to offer the applications to charities in the Netherlands and Germany in local language, and English version for other countries.  So a German charity using this would not for example need any pick list values in other languages, nor would they have a need for Help text in other languages. 
As I understand translation work bench, you would begin with English values and translate these into other languages for use in the same organization.  In our implementation, each language would be its own stand alone package.
Could you please provide advice on the best way to handle this using SF?
Thanks in advance for your help on this.
Jim Foster