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Data Loader (batch mode) not generating success/error logs?

Hello.  I'm using the Data Loader (v14) in batch mode - extracting data from SFDC and inserting into a DB.  Works fine, but it's not generating success/error logs.  I've tried each of the following elements in my process-conf.xml file - what am I missing?  (opening and closing brackets are removed below so there's no issue with display...)

entry key="process.statusOutputDirectory" value="C:\proj\client\data\testDL"/
entry key="process.outputError" value="C:\proj\client\data\testDL\er.csv"/

Thanks for your time.

I have just solved the same problem.  You need to have another entry key.


entry key = "process.enableExtractStatusOutput" value = "true"



The latest user guide I have found has the key listed as "process.enableExtractSuccessOutput", but if you use the standard interface and look at config.properties, you will see the correct name.