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time off manager calendar

I have the time off manager installed and working, but the calendar s-control is not working.  It gives me an error stating that 'calendar' is not defined, but I can't see the problem.  Has anyone run into this?
Would also like to know, have you got issues with Status Buttons not displaying correctly (box with a red X in it) ?
some did, yes.  I ended up removing this add-in though.  I just couldn't get it going and it already wasn't 100% what I needed.

Hi Folks,


The s-control question has been answered over in this thread; http://community.salesforce.com/sforce/board/message?board.id=sforceExplorer&thread.id=819&view=by_date_ascending&page=1 


As for the Status images, one can update the IDs in the formula field to fix this.  The images are in a document folder which comes with the package called TOM Images.  Just update all of the IDs n the formulas to be the IDs of the docs in your TOM Images folder and away you go.  Same trick as the s-control issue.

Thanks for the contributions regarding Time-Off Manager.  I am seeking help with the Status images.  I changed the id's to my org's id's from the Documents file.  However, since it didn't work, I have made so many changes to the formula that I need to see the original formula so I know how to update it.  If someone could copy and paste the original formula, I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi Geekwannabe,


Here is the formula.



IMAGE("/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=" & CASE( Status__c, "Not Submitted", "01580000000hugb", "Pending Approval", "01580000000hugc", "Approved", "01580000000hugZ", "Processed", "01580000000hugd", "Canceled", "01580000000huga", "Requires Re-Approval", "01580000000hugf", "Rejected", "01580000000huge", "") , CASE( Status__c, "Not Submitted", "Not Submitted", "Pending Approval", "Pending Approval", "Approved", "Approved", "Processed", "Processed", "Canceled", "Canceled", "Requires Re-Approval", "Requires Re-Approval", "Rejected", "Rejected", "Unknown Status"))





Thank you so much.  I am going to read all of your blogs, discussions, helps and links.