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How-to Show Campaign Name Field on Contacts record for association?

Hello Everyone
I need to customize the contacts page. I want to be able to associate contacts to a campaign(s)  from the contacts page. The idea is driven by the need for - When adding a new contact, associate that contact with an existing campaign. Ideally, a select box with all campaigns which name starts with a CO so it can be associated with the contacts record. Having a box with all campaigns shown is acceptable as a workaround but I'd like to have only camapigns starting with CO be avaialble. Also I can find and enter teh campaign ID to populate this selectable list if neccessary. I dont want to have to go to campaign and then add member. I want to do it from the new contact page. Any ideas on how I can accomplish this? Thanks so much.

Maybe I'm missing something here, but on the Contact page, you usually have a related list called "Campaign History" - there is a Add Campaign button you can use to add that contact to an active campaign. Keep in mind this is on the detail page of the contact, not the edit page.

Hope that helps,


Your a lfe saver. I dont know how I missed that.... this will definetly work.