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How to filter 'Lookup Relationships"



I have a Lookup table i.e.   Key, Value  


How do I filter a LookupRelationship field so the resulting pull down list makes available a subset of the records in Lookup Table?


If the values are  'AccountType',  'Oil';  'AccountType', 'Technology',  'SizeType',  300 in the Lookup table and I want to filter the LookUpRelationship field by Key = 'AccountType' then the Lookup Relationship' field will only show  'Technology' and 'Oil'   (but not 300 because the Key = 'SizeType' and not 'AccountType')


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The records in the lookup cannot be filtered by the admin (at this time...we are working on this...see the IdeaExchange post: http://ideas.salesforce.com/article/show/25164/Filter_on_Lookup).


However, you can enable Enhanced Lookups to expose Filter Fields to the end user, so that they can filter their lookup results.  On the backend, you can use a validation rule to make sure they have selected a valid value.

I thought the documentation said that Enhanced Lookup Relationships could only be used on Standard Objects, Can they be used on customized objects like my StandardList's object?


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