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Allowing Customer Portal Users ability to Add Attachments to Custom Object records?



I am implementing the customer portal for a support organization, and have a custom object (let's call it "Donkeys" ) for which I want to allow my portal users access to create attachments (let's say, pictures of donkeys).


Donkey is a detail of Account, which is Read-only for portal users, but my portal users have full CRED access to Donkeys (I am still in testing phase, and haven't locked everything down yet).


When I log in as a portal user and click Add Attachment from a Donkey detail page, I get the "Insufficient Privileges" error. 


I found this sentence in the customer portal implementation guide:

"Portal users can view, search, and create notes and attachments on custom objects." 


But I can't find where I grant them this permission.  Can anyone help?




Message Edited by brianwenzl on 03-18-2009 03:53 PM

Hi Brian,


When you created your Donkeys Object, did you:

1. Check Available for Customer Portal - if not, you can edit the custom object and enable this

2. Add Notes & Attachments related list to the layout


I did those things and was able to attach a file to my record in customer portal.


Hope that helps,



Thanks Sati.


I tried the same in my developer account, and didn't get the same error.  


In the end, the problem was that I had restricted access to Account to be Read Only, and since Donkey is a Detail of Account, it was read only by definition.  When I loosened that restriction, the insufficient privileges error went away.




Can you elaborate on how you shared the account? In my customer portal profile my only option for accounts is read and there is no check box for edits.




I am playing around with this too.


When you create the account field on "Donkeys" object with Account as a master,  there is an option on whether you need only "Read Only" or "Read-Write" access to an account to be able to edit Donkey records.