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Want to show a different case layout when each department is chosen



We are using SalesForce Service & Support to handle helpdesk tickets for different departments. I set-up a custom field for department. Is there a way so when the helpdesk chooses a department, they get a different case layout? We are trying to eliminate having so many fields on one layout since there are different needs for each department.

We already have type, category and all of those dependencies, but the picklists are getting too long.

Also, how can you allow a profile access to more than one layout?



If you are in Enterprise Edition or Unlimited Edition, then you can use Record Types and Page Layout Assignment to change the page layout based on a set of values.  This would mean that your Departments would need to be the Record Type values.

Yes, we do have Enterprise Edition. Please clarify if the following is what you mean.  If I create Record Types for each department, I can create a picklist on Record Type so the Helpdesk can choose which department? Then based on the department, they will be taken to that page layout. When you say Page Layout Assignment - where is this?

Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.