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Pulling in Opportunity Owner for VF email template



I have a VF email template that I'm using to send out various information for our opps and opp products.  One thing that I am having trouble pulling is the Opportunity Owner field.  When I try to pull this, the Opportunity Owner ID populates and that does not do any good.  Is there any work around you can think of to pull the actual owner's full name?  I've tried setting up a formula field that combines the Opportunity Creator's first & last name.  That seems to work fine, until we have to transfer opps to a different owner.  Since the opp creator does not change, the field remains to display the same value.  Is there anyway to pull a name using the opp owner ID? 



Any ideas would greatly be appreciated.  Thanks..

Message Edited by codeword on 04-01-2009 10:34 AM