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Salesforce Mobile and Single Sign On (SSO) - is this possible?

One of my developers has just finished getting SSO implemented, and it's working great, but I can't get it to work with Salesforce Mobile Lite for the iPhone. I'm not really sure what credentials the user should enter, but when I had my user try his Salesforce username and Salesforce password it just hangs on Registering...


Any ideas?






Hi, my company is implementing SSO for salesforce. And IT team is not sure how to do it.


What did you developer do? The guide from salesforce is too simple:


–   Open a case with support asking for Delegated Authentication to be turned on
for your “org”  ---- done
–   Configure the host and URL for your Auth Service  ---- dont know how to do this
–   Enable the setting on the users profile in salesforce.com



It's really complicated, actually. I had a developer work for many hours writing code to make it all happen. If you'd like, I could give you his contact info - he's available for hire.

Thanks.... Is there any subsequent support required on the code?


And  I have the following considerations:


  • one person having two sfdc accounts: my VP global is also acting as VP Americas so he has two accounts, how to enable SSO for his two accounts while he is using the same computer to log on?
  • Desktop applications like office, outlook, offline edition
  •  Eclipse?
  • user ID for data integration: cognos, marketo, etc
  • sfdc recommends that admins shouldnot have SSO enabled, but IT wants everyone enabled

at this stage, IT wants to do this in house by themselves, but they dont know how to code.
I'll send you a private message (check the envelope icon in the upper-right corner of the forum area) with his contact info.