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Suggested Solutions - API Call

I'm looking to create a script to try to make calls to the Salesforce API and mimic the suggested solutions lookup tool in Salesforce.

I'm trying to get an understanding whether there's an existing App to do such a thing.  Alternatively, I'm looking to get a better idea of how the solutions are scored against the case itself.  Does it simply parse the subject and description of the case, and look for a solution with all of these words?

Thanks, any input is appreciated.
I've not seen an app to deliver this for you...

That said, you could develop something by creating an s-control (in the absence of Apex) to do a lookup against a custom table of 'solutions', shortlist and present in a custom form for consideration. Create a button somewhere in the UI and action the s-control from under it.

Does that help???
Thanks for the suggestion.  The Salesforce support team gave me an idea of how their algorithm works, so I'll end up just trying to mimic the logic through a custom script.
Amit SahaiAmit Sahai
Hi ,

Could you please illuminate and post a pseudo-code or algorithm for the same, will help a lot of people who are trying to mimic standard Solutions functionality?

Thanks in advance