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Deploy application in production from sandbox



I have developed an Application in Sandbox (Unlimited edition) Now it’s the time to deploy the application in production (of course unlimited edition).


Is there any automated way/tool to deploy the application in production from Sandbox? Or I’ll have to develop the same application entirely manually?


Any help/guide is highly appreciated.


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Execute EZSAASExecute EZSAAS
You can use the packaging process to bundle your app in Sandbox - package it as "unmanaged" and share/publish it "privately" - then remember the password and url so you can install it on production. Note - however, some components can not be packaged -e.g. page layout changes etc, these you will have to redo.
Thank you very much!

Hi Jagannath,

I am new to Salesforce and want to know the Deployment process in Salesforce.

If I have an application developed in Salesforce then how to go about the Deployment so that the intented users can use this application.Since you had mentioned in your post about the Deployment.It would be of great help if u can explain me the process.

Thanks in Advance.