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Integration with Oracle database

Hi, I'm new to integration.I want to integrate SFDC to oracle database.I want to try a small requirement when I create an account in Salesforce it should get saved in oracle database and the account number generated in oracle should get populated in Salesforce. Can any one suggest me the ways to accomplish this using JAVA and the process I need to follow. If any one provide me any Guide or Code snippets will be of great help. Any pointers will be of great help. Thanks in Advance
The requirement you have specified is possible only by writing an integrator application. This need to be a small application which will read the records from SFDC and then save/update in Oracle DB and vice versa (if you want it that way). Thus, when you save a record in SFDC update an additional invisible field with some flag. This flag will have to be read so that our integrator application can understand this new record. Once it reads and updates in Oracle, change this flag as well. Perform any other data manipulation as well (like updating that A/C no in SFDC) by making additional calls based on the various fields like SFDC ID and Oracle PKID fields. (Few people use Last Date Modified field to determine the changed/added records. Choice is all yours) Sorry I don’t have any code with me at the moment. Regards
Hi Atul, Thanks a ton for your reply. I can write a java code where we can fetch the records based on some condition and save it to oracle database. For this we need to execute the code manually.This i was able to do. I want it to be done in real time,i want to call/trigger that code whenever we create new account. I can also create a button on click of it,should save the record in the oracle database and update the account number generated in oracle database in our sfdc record. Any pointers will be of great help.
Take a look at the Workflow Outbound Messaging feature. You can get a SOAP notification each time an account is created.
Thanks for your reply. I have gone through the outbound messaging concept,but not able to understand what url i need to specify in 'Endpointurl' field.How will i get this url?Can you please elaborate as im new to this concept.
The endpoint URL is specified by the programmer. For example, if your company's website is mycompany.com, your endpoint URL might be mycompany.com/services/salesforce/endPoint. Assuming that is your endpoint, you would have code at that resource that processes a SOAP/XML request and provides an acknowledgement as a response.

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